Mothercare #BodyProudMums Campaign

At Mothercare, we have just launched a brand new campaign, Body Proud Mums, which seeks to champion mothers postpartum bodies

The campaign which has been worked on by the amazing teams from Mothercare, McGarry Bowen, and Inkling Culture has taken the London tubes & internet by storm with its real, honest, and striking images of mothers loving their post birth bodies.

38 year old mum, Nardy, who has six children

The images taken by the incredibly talented photographer, Sophie Mayanne, are totally unedited and include real mothers from a diverse set of backgrounds who volunteered to be involved. The campaign seeks to challenge the way that media looks at women’s bodies post birth.

Instagram Mummy Bloggers such as, lifewithivycoco, mother_pukka and more, have shown endless support – posting their own postpartum body pictures and making comments on the campaign. Mother_pukka posted:

AD | I couldn’t tell you much about this photo other than I was in a state of numb disbelief. My girls. I remember thinking, I have girls. Two girls. Two girls who I had waited for for a very long time. Thank you body (and Matt’s bits) for doing that. And while this is a paid partnership with @mothercareuk, I would support this campaign regardless because my birth-ravaged self would have loved to have seen it. To feel less alone; to see postnatal scars and stretched skin as celebratory tattoos not hidden blemishes🤰🏼👶🏻❤ #mother#mothercare #postpartum#bodyproudmums

Both Mothercare & Inkling Culture teams papped in front of the #bodyproudmums wall

The popular mother’s group, Mothers Meeting  , teamed up with our PR team at Mothercare to hold a launch event at the OXO2 Tower on the South Bank of London, which was held last week.

At the event there was a panel of influencer, mummy bloggers talking all about their experiences as mums. The event was also attended by Dr Arun Ghosh, ITV’s Jeremy Kyle doctor, who now holds the title of Health Ambassador for Mothercare, bringing an expert perspective to the campaign.


The panel of mummy bloggers including Kerrie Northcott & Clemmie Telford

Whilst overlooking The Thames, mummys were given the option to get their make up done and have their postpartum body photo taken with the wonderful photographer, Sophie Mayanne. There was also a play area provided by Mothercare’s, Early Learning Centre, which was packed throughout the day.

Visit the Mothercare Body Proud Mums web page to find out more…

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