Otis Simpson Interview @Vibe1076

Otis Simpson released his debut single ARMY in February and it came to market with a BANG!

Otis Simpson who identifies himself as a modern soul singer, joined me on Valentines night last month at Vibe 107.6 to tell me all about his debut single, Army.

He co wrote the single with Jonathon Coffer who has written for the likes of Beyonce and Naughty Boy. The 24 year old musician, who is supported by Primary Talent said:

“It’s an upbeat song, it’s a soul song, first of all i’m a soul musician. For me, for the first single it was important that it had integrity and it announced me as an artist. Army is a big bombastic soul track reminiscent of Motown. A song of self reflection.”

When asked about the coolest place he has ever gigged, Otis said:

“Hands down Ronnie Scotts in London. A jazz club where loads of legends have played – Amy Winehouse, George Benson… every jazz legend you can think of”

Not only is Otis Simpson ticking off boxes for the coolest places to gig, but for releasing an absolute hit of a debut single which has had a phenomenal response on spotify, itunes, and youtube. He’s also really good at naming Simpsons characters in 10 seconds… visit www.soundcloud.com/caroline-hesford to hear the full interview.


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