Touchstone Active are a company that aim to help people live longer and improve their lifestyle

It was the third week back to work after an indulgent Christmas and New Year…

And the Vibe 107.6 producers told myself and the rest of the presenters to fix up and get fit with Touchstone Active. So myself, Miles, and Sam, decided to take the opportunity to find out our REAL body ages along with other details about our general health.

We had let ourselves in for a treat.

Touchstone Active require you to fill out a fitness history form before starting the fitness tests and goals for improvement. You should be as honest as possible about your diet, fitness routine, and any previous or current medical problems.

Once this is complete, the fitness tests on the FitQuest machine beginWhat does FitQuest measure?
FitQuest measures the core skills that contribute to overall physical fitness. Physical fitness is broken down into 5 main areas; motor sensory control, muscular strength and endurance, speed ability, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.
With the exception of flexibility, Touchstone are able to measure all these aspects in a series of quick and simple tests:

  • Balance – motor sensory control
    Press Ups – upper body strength and endurance
    Jump – lower body strength and explosive muscle power
    Step – speed ability and endurance
    Heart Rate Recovery – cardiovascular fitness

My personal result came as a huge shock. As a 24 year old who exercises at least 3 times a week in the form of spinning and HIIT I did not expect my body age to be 32 !!

Despite the shock of my actual age, “It is not something that can’t be changed quickly with a much healthier diet, better eating habits, and consistency” according to Michael Adams, founder of Touchstone Active.

Next month I will be tested again after using a new diet and fitness regime provided by the company. I am determined that I will have a better result.

Stay tuned…

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