Gala Opening of #CineworldWatford

Watford’s very own Cineworld has just opened and it is better than you can imagine!

Myself and the Vibe 107.6 team had a fantastic evening at the Gala Opening of The Cineworld in Watford on 11/12/18. We got chatting to Shaun Jones the Vice President of Operations in U.K. and Ireland. He said,

“Cineworld Watford is one of six venues with a ‘screen x’. At our cinemas you will get a fully immersive experience.”

Thank you to Shaun and his team for a brilliant night – we absolutely loved the exclusive showing of, Aqua Man, courtesy of #warnerbrothers which came out officially on the following Friday. It was shown on the IMAX which is one of three with a high powered laser projector. This was a totally immersive and unique experience, I haven’t seen film in this way ever before!

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