BBC Introducing Live, Tobacco Dock, London

Every year Tobacco Dock in London is taken over by BBC Introducing Live, where all budding or fully fledged artists and industry experts get together to perform and network, and generally have a great time…

BBC Introducing Live at Tobacco Dock, London 8th – 10th November

The event is hosted over three days and consists of seminars, interviews, live radio shows, live music and opportunities to speak with industry experts. All around the event you will find up and coming businesses providing food, drink, & clothing, quenching your thirst for a bit of retail therapy a good burger and even a drink!

On the panel: How to become an Influencer in Music

The seminars were mainly panels of experts talking about their experience of the industry and giving advice. One of the ladies on the panel discussing ‘How to become an Influencer in Music’ said:

“You might already be a fashion blogger, but the skills are easily transferrable when explaining in your CV that you want to get into music influencing. You just need to show your passion for the industry.

As long as you are passionate and promoting work or a product that you genuinely love, you can’t fail.”

The Networking Lounge at BBC Introducing Live

BBC Introducing Essex Presenter, Ollie Winniberg

I got a chance to hang out with BBC Introducing Essex Presenter, Ollie Winniberg. He hosted a number of panels over the weekend, my favourite being ‘How to Get a Job In Radio’. He was joined by four other experts from companies such as Bauer Media, Transmission Roundhouse, and other BBC employees.

How They Did It: Tom Grennan, Soak, & Lotto Boys 

A producer from Transmission Roundhouse said:

“Nobody walks into a job in radio. The best thing you can do when going in for an internship is be enthusiastic. Help with whatever you can, and show your personality whether you’re applying for a presenting role or a producing role.

“A job in the industry is never one thing, you should be diverse and show a variety of projects that you have done or are working on. This can be, for example, presenting on radio, and creating your own mixes or DJ’ing in clubs at the same time.”

The Pioneer DJ Room 

If advice wasn’t all you wanted, Pioneer had their very own room for you to have a mix on their industry standard decks. There was also a live feedback room for budding artists to showcase their tunes.

Overall a fantastic event where there is lots to learn and many influential people to speak and listen to.

I cannot wait for next years event!

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